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Accomplishments while on the Board:

  1. Provide stability and continuity during pandemic and provide ongoing oversight over remote and hybrid learning models
  2. Oversaw 180 mil bond expenditures to upgrade facilities for 21st Century learning
  3. Member of the Wellness Subcommittee since 2016; supported 2018 Mental and Emotional Wellness Needs Assessment survey of AUSD students, families, and staff that identified student health needs, inventory existing school and community-based services, and create a more coordinated, integrated, and accessible behavioral health service system for all students.
  4. Worked collaboratively with community partners to support the mental health needs of our students by securing $100,000.00 annually in mental health support from the City of Alameda for AUSD students, and $300,000.00 worth of free programming from Girls Inc. of the Island City to run elementary literacy and STEM program and GEMS (“Girls Empowerment Mentoring Support”) Program
  5. 2017-2018 policy subcommittee member, worked on District’s first suicide prevention policy, bias incident reporting policy, and anti-bullying efforts
  6. Directed District staff to create Anti-bias webpage with resources for students, families, and staff on culturally responsive materials and resources
  7. Member of the City of Alameda/AUSD Subcommittee since 2016, worked with City partners to ensure equitable access to City sports facilities and to make necessary upgrades to Emma Hood Pool for student and community use
  8. Engaged community stakeholders to develop graduate profile and working with Board to finalize strategic plan
  9. In 2018, made 1.6 mil in necessary budget cuts to give staff a much-needed raise
  10. Supported implementation of Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports to increase attendance and reduce behavioral disruptions in the classroom
  11. Directed staff to seek grant funding from 1Million Project Foundation to work with Tech Exchange and provide free computer access to hundreds of AUSD students
  12. Supported hiring of Superintendent Scuderi with strong academic focus on improving teaching and instruction for all learners, especially our African American students
  13. Maintain open and frequent communication with staff, community partners, labor partners, students, and families

Future Goals:

  1. Provide strong educational model during pandemic including remote and flexible options for all students
  2. Ensure that the health and safety of all staff and students is at the forefront of the decisions we make before returning to in-class instruction, consistent with directives from public health officials, the CDC, and the California Department of Education
  3. Improve experiences for families receiving Special Education services consistent with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and SB 98; support District efforts to attract and retain Special Education teachers and paraprofessionals, and work to provide teachers with in-class intervention support
  4. Expand culturally responsive curriculum across all grade levels; increase professional development to staff on issues of culture, identity, race, and trauma-informed instruction
  5. Support ongoing efforts to engage and listen to our families of color, support transparent efforts to audit our systems with a focus on improving relationships between students and staff
  6. Based on the District’s first evidence-based Social-Emotional Needs Assessment from 2018, continue to find creative ways to expand mental health support for all students through partnerships with the City of Alameda, Alameda Family Services, and Girls Inc. of the Island City
  7. Amend LCAP goals to reflect in-class staff support and interventions for socio-economically disadvantaged students, English learners, and students receiving Special Education services

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