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"I support Jennifer Williams’ re-election campaign without reservation.  While serving with Jennifer on the Board of Education I have gotten to know and respect her. Jennifer is an excellent AUSD Board member who has a strong moral compass that is evident in the decisions she makes to ensure that equity and social justice are the basis for decision-making.   She is smart, well-prepared, and cares deeply about all students and families in AUSD.  More importantly, Jennifer leads with a clear and deep conviction for what is right, and with values we all share – equality, equity, a strong commitment to social justice, and a commitment to interrupt the systemic racism that exists in our educational system.  Jennifer has shown us she has the courage to make tough decisions. It has been an honor to serve with her and I sincerely believe she can be counted on be a strong and stable voice on our Board of Education."
-Dr. Ardella Dailey, Trustee, Alameda Board of Education

"I am honored and proud to endorse Jennifer Williams for reelection to the school board. Having the privilege of serving alongside Jennifer on the Social Service Human Relations Board, I have seen her deep, deep commitment to achieving equity for our children, youth and their families. During these most challenging times, it is important for our students to have some consistency of leadership, knowing that there are adults who will stand by their side and help them not only survive these challenges, but thrive. Jennifer was instrumental in connecting APC families with the District to ensure our technological needs could be met, and as a result we were online and ready to go when distance learning began." 
-Doug Biggs, Executive Director, Alameda Point Collaborative (for identification purposes only)

"I am excited to wholeheartedly endorse Jennifer Williams for the Alameda School Board. As the CEO of a nonprofit who is a long-term partner with the district and as an AUSD parent, I have seen Jennifer continuously fight for all students especially our most marginalized populations. Jennifer has shown she is not afraid to tackle difficult issues like cutting district funding for specialized programming for a few schools – including her children’s own school - so district teachers could receive a raise. She has also fought to support the needs of after school programs which in turn directly supports working parents all over the island. I have seen her strong advocacy supporting special education services, securing funding from the City of Alameda to expand mental health services for AUSD students, and, through data and research, fighting for the district to do better by our African-American students in terms of academic achievement and suspension rates. As we manage through, recover, and rebuild from COVID-19 now and in the foreseeable future, I want Jennifer’s continued knowledge, dedication, and strength on the school board."
-Christine Chilcott, CEO, Girls Inc of the Island City

“I support Jennifer Williams’ re-election campaign without reservation.  While only knowing her for a short period of time I've come to know and respect her as an AUSD Board of Education Member. Most importantly I appreciate her support in working with Chris Tam from the All Good Living Foundation. As a member of the All Good Living Foundation, I know that Jennifer deeply cares about students and their families at AUSD. I can see that her values and commitment to others around social justice issues are sincere. I have enjoyed talking with her about AUSD families in transition and watching her courage and strong voice when she is helping them. It would be an honor to know that Jennifer would be re-elected to serve as an AUSD Board Member, where she is working for equity for all AUSD students and families."

Vickie R. Smith, Retired AUSD McKinney Vento Liaison



Alameda Education Association

AUSD Student Forum, 2020

Alameda Progressives

Asian Pacific American Democratic Caucus

Alameda County Building and Construction Trades Council

Sheet Metal Workers Local 104

Electrical Workers, Local 595

Plumbers and Steamfitters, Local 342

Sprinkler Fitters, Local 483

Elected and Appointed Officials

Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft, Mayor, City of Alameda

Dr. Ardella Dailey, Trustee, Alameda Board of Education

John Knox White, Vice Mayor, City of Alameda

Wilma Chan, District 3 Supervisor, Alameda County Board of Supervisors

Tracy Jensen, Alameda Health Care District Board Member

Phong La, Alameda County Assessor

Henry Mills, Student Board Member, Alameda Board of Education

Brian Lin, Student Board Member, Alameda Board of Education

Katherine Feinstein, San Francisco Superior Court Presiding Judge, retired

Alice Lai Bitker, former Member, Alameda County Board of Supervisors

Lena Tam, former councilmember, Alameda City Council

Margie Sherratt, former Trustee, Alameda Board of Education

Mike McMahon, former Trustee, Alameda Board of Education

Ron Mooney, former Trustee, Alameda Board of Education

Bill Schaff, former Trustee, Alameda Board of Education

Phil Hu, former Trustee, Alameda Board of Education

Distinguished Community Members

Doug Biggs, Executive Director, Alameda Point Collaborative

Jim Franz

Christine Chilcott, CEO, Girls Inc. of the Island City

Judy Tam

Serena Chen

Alicia Cernitz

Jono Soglin, Esq., Executive Director, First District Appellate Project

Vickie Smith, McKinney Vento AUSD Coordinator, retired

Ron Matthews, President, Alameda Little League

Carole Robie

Vickie Sedlack

Barbara Mooney

Diane Cunningham Rizzo

Anna Johnson

Ed and Peg Kofman

Kim Krause

Laurel Gorman, Esq.

George Arroyo, Esq.

Jessica Williams, Esq.

Supreeta Sampath, Esq.

Tina and Bob Kreitz

Sarah Olaes

Amanda Shavers

Yenju Chen

Kathleen Kelly

Maggie Hunter

Zeus Leonardo

Julie Batz, Esq., President, Legal Access of Alameda, Alameda Co. Bar Assn.

Craig Smith, VP, Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Assn. (AMFA)

John and Sue Devlin

Rak and Jody Balla

Christine Larsen

Jeannie Graham

Mark Hersman

Laura Katz


*partial list, titles for identification purposes only

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